My Girl Episode 8 Summary
My Girl Episode 8 Summary E9 Click Here   Joo Yoo-rin invited Seol Gongchan to eat seafoods dinner in celebration of her resignation. They began eating and Seol Gong-chan asked why she kept giving him orders to cook while she was busy eating? She said it’s because the clams were […]

My Girl Episode 8 Summary

My Girl Episode 7 Summary
My Girl Episode 7 Summary E8 Click Here   Joo Yoo-rin was in a hurry to find her father. She cried because he wasn’t there and all she saw were many boats at Incheon Harbour. Seol Gong-chan came and gave her comfort. Seo Jung-woo told his friend he wanted to […]

My Girl Episode 7 Summary

My Girl Episode 6 Summary
My Girl Episode 6 Summary →E7 Click Here   Ladies and Gentlemen! A time for lovers according to the emcee. The lights went off. It was difficult for Joo Yoo-rin to see Seol Gong-chan and Kim Se-hyun kissing. Seo Jung-woo asked if the person she liked was Seol Gong-chan? She […]

My Girl Episode 6 Summary

My Girl Episode 5 Summary →E6 Click Here Seol Gong-chan embraced Kim Se-hyun after she was discharged from the hospital. Joo Yoo-rin felt her heart was aching while watching them. Joo Yoo-rin decided to walk on her own but she forgot her bag inside the car. She ran fast following Seol […]

My Girl Episode 5 Summary

My Girl E4
My Girl Episode 4 Summary E5 Click Here Joo Yoo-rin waited the elevator going down and when it opened she saw Seol Gong-chan embraced Kim Se-hyun. Now, she knew the truth. Kim Se-Hyun apologised to Seol Gong-chan but he said his heart will never changed after she abandoned him. Joo […]

My Girl Episode 4 Summary

My Girl E3
My Girl Episode 3 Summary →E4 Click Here Due to the worse condition of Seol Gong-chan’s grandfather he was desperate to hire a fake cousin. He went to see Joo Yoo-rin and asked her to be his little cousin. Joo Yoo-rin played hard to get because she thought it will […]

My Girl Episode 3 Summary

My Girl E2
My Girl Episode 2 Summary→E3 Click Here Seol Gong-chan was chasing the woman harvesting the tangerines. He found out it was Joo Yoo-rin. Joo Yoo-rin explained her situation that her dad ran away and she was chased by the gangsters. She had no place to hide that’s why she ended […]

My Girl Episode 2 Summary

My Girl E1
My Girl Episode 1 Summary  →E2 Click Here There was a bus full of tourist passengers. They were worried about their flight. The driver explained that someone was already at the airport waiting for them. Joo Yoo-rin ran very fast going to the airport. She asked for the 2:30 pm […]

My Girl Episode 1 Summary

Ratings Original Broadcast: September 11, 2014 TNm S Ratings- Nationwide: 4.8%, Seoul National Capital Area: N/A AGB Nielsen – Nationwide: 5.7%, Seoul National Capital Area: 5.8% Iron Man Episode 2 Best Scene Chang begs Son Se Dong not to send him away because he is a good boy. Joo Hong […]

Iron Man Episode 2 Summary